Welcome to AlignTogether

About us

Since year 2015, with a cumulative team experience of more than 250 years in designing and developing software products, we have successfully advised, built, and enhanced applications to innovatively solve business challenges. These solutions were always accompanied by the industry’s new tools, practices, and emerging technologies. With these complex dynamics, we help our clients exceed the expectations of executives and investors, ensuring the best outcome for current and future deployments as well as outpace competitors.

What’s different about AlignTogether?

Customer experience

Collaborative approach to business ensures client participation in every phase of solution evolution, resulting in:

  • Acceleration – Speeds the decision process of a broad group of stakeholders - decisions in hours
  • Innovation – Propelled by best software and business talent in the industry
  • Alignment – Consensus achieved across diverse stakeholders to implement created solutions
  • Risk Management - Reduced rework and extended feedback cycles to accelerate signoff


Leverage AlignTogether’s tools, processes, accelerators, prebuilt solutions and expertise.

Quality driven process maturity and engaging consultants who have executed multiple projects globally in application development, web development, blockchain, AI and mobile platform development areas.

All system requirements bundled in logical streams/phases to provide smooth system testing and acceptance


As your dependable and dedicated partner, we invest considerable time to know what you want to achieve and to analyze what your business model can achieve.

Through our lean project management process, we work closely with our clients through the entire journey, from ideation and development to implementation and beyond. We consider ourselves successful only when the client has achieved the maximum return on investment from the collaboration. As such, we strive to bring real, measurable value to our clients.

With a client satisfaction rate of over 98%, we’re considered a key strategic technology partner. 100% of our clients are ready to recommend us.


Our mission is to transform our clients’ ideas into reliable, scalable, and innovative business solutions and build a productive long-term business relationship.

Our culture is upheld by these 5 core values:

    Customers are at the top of the company’s interests. Not competitors, not other websites and other businesses, just customers and their interests.

  2. Be passionate and have a can-do attitude.

    Passion fuels the drive required to be successful. Enjoy thoroughly what you are doing and must have a “can-do” attitude.

  3. Invent, simplify and improve continuously.

    Make everything as simple as it is possible and grow both professionally and personally everyday. Do things right and bring innovation in whatever you do.

  4. Treat everyone with honesty, respect and consideration.

    Honesty, respect and consideration are the core value of positive and productive work-culture. It increases the mutual cooperation among colleagues as well as productivity within any work environment.

  5. Ownership

    No one who works for AlignTogether says ‘That’s not my job’. Everyone is responsible for the overall company’s success. AlignTogether strives to build long-term relationships with customers, technology partners, vendors, and employees.