IT Consulting Services

Leveraging technologies to achieve business objectives

Successfully implementing digital transformation strategy, leveraging the latest tech, improving software architecture or simply achieving business goals are what businesses are after today. But not all company owners or C-level specialists are digital-savvy. We understand that and in order to make the best use of information technology and achieve your main business objectives, offer IT consulting services.

Our goal is to help our customers understand the importance of software development to their businesses. With IT specialists knowledgeable in the latest tech trends across various business domains, we can help build a technology strategy for your business or draw your digital transformation plan.

When a business might need IT consulting services:

  • To get professional IT services and advice

  • To enhance data security

  • To save money on hiring a permanent specialist

  • To troubleshoot some technical issues

  • To help you achieve your technology needs

  • To improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity

IT consulting process at AlignTogether

IT consulting is already quite ambiguous and often believed to equal custom software development, which it is not. That’s why we offer a clear and simple 3-step approach to cooperating with our clients:

  • Identifying problems and discussing desired outcomes

    As our collaboration kicks off, our experts will go through a detailed analysis of your current situation, any underlying issues and problems that need to be addressed and your expected results of cooperation.

  • Building a strategy

    The initial stage is then followed by designing an action plan that will include a step-by-step roadmap on how you can achieve your business goals and make use of the latest technologies.

  • Agreeing on the plan

    Next comes reviewing the proposed strategy with the client, discussing possible changes and finally approving the action plan.

IT consulting services at AlignTogether

  • IT strategy consulting

  • Security analysis

  • Enterprise architecture consulting

  • Digital transformation consulting

  • Disaster recovery and backup

  • IT performance assessment

  • Cloud consulting

  • Solutions consulting

  • Platform consulting

What you can expect from our cooperation

  • We will help you decide on the best-suited technology

    Whether it’s Deep Learning, Augmented Reality or Blockchain you are thinking of, we can help you decide on the tech trend that will help accelerate your business.

  • More time to focus on your core business activities

    We will take the burden of solving your IT-related problems, devising a new strategy or improvement options off your chest, so you can focus on what you’re expert in — your main business functions.

  • Time and cost-effective solution

    Instead of going through a trial and error process, you can turn to IT experts who will be able to troubleshoot all of your issues. Not to mention, relying on professional help when it comes to your IT-related problems will save you money in the long run.

  • Access to highly specialized talent

    You can expect to tap into our professional talent pool which consists of specialists with years of experience in the industry, as well as working with various business domains.

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