Data Science

Reinvent your core workflows with technology and unlock intelligent value across various business functions

As a seasoned data science services and applied AI provider, we’ve helped numerous companies resolve their most daunting business issues promptly, economically, and permanently. We build comprehensive data-driven solutions that are ready-to-use in specific business contexts.

We will not only handle the technical side your AI journey, but also help your company, through in-depth research of your business, to determine in which areas it makes the most sense to apply AI in. Our data science experts will ensure you squeeze the most ROIs possible from AI-enabled automation and predictive algorithms.

We’re not here to offer you technically complex, cumbersome, over-engineered solutions that bring no tangible value, we’ll help you build an AI model through which you’ll be able solve high-impact business challenges fast.

Incorporate Data Science into your core business processes and make your applications smarter

We provide comprehensive data science services, from data collection to feature selection to AI model maintenance, as all stages of AI process are important. We know exactly what’s needed to realize the full potential of AI, and will gladly take care of all the data- and computation-intensive processes (which require the right mix of software and drivers, vast storage, network and memory recourses) so that you don’t have to. Our Data Science experts will quickly build and fine-tune a predictive analytics solution to suit perfectly your firm’s business requirements.

AlignTogether’s latest Data Science as a service offering covers the entire ML model building workflow. Through using popular machine learning frameworks and robust AI development tools, we’ll help you deploy resilient, highly performative and dependable AI platforms.

Why choose AlignTogether’s as your Data Science Company:

  • We understand that modelling itself is but a small part of the AI process and always start our projects with getting a clear understanding of the client’s business needs, goals, available data resources, etc. Only then, after careful analysis, do we begin the engineering;
  • We help firms maximize the value they get out of AI by figuring out which business problems could be solved better with AI and in which areas the application of machine learning can bring the most ROI;
  • We have vast experience in building, training, and deploying Machine Learning algorithms of various types;
  • We employ specialists with unique and scarce ML-related skillsets; We’re well versed in Topological Data Analysis and know how to utilize its data decomposition to improve the accuracy of ML models;
  • We’ve worked with the most popular Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, Caffe, etc.;
  • We integrate Data Science tools with firms’ core applications thus granting them unique capabilities, promptly and painlessly;
  • We know how to leverage Data Science to help you address your industry-specific issues efficiently, through picking an approapriate architecture, select the right features to accelerate training and so on.

Data Science Consulting

Want to know how you can benefit from our Data Science as a service offering and incorporate machine learning models into your business operations smoothly? Our Data Science consultant is ready to help, contact him right now and get all your questions answered.

Here’s a few benefits our clients (who have opted for AlignTogether’s Data Science consulting services) usually cite as the most valuable ones:

  • Our highly qualified Data Science specialists guide clients through the entire data science process, not just certain parts of it, and always make sure to find ML algorithms that suit specific projects best.
  • We work closely with clients’ teams to solve all types of data-science-related issues.
  • Our experienced Data Science consultant will assist you in making informed, data-driven decisions regarding the machine learning/artificial intelligence strategy for your business.

Data Science Consulting

Marketing and Client Engagement

By sifting through siloed piles of customers' data and freely available social datasets, ML algorithms can detect subtle changes in clients' behavioral patterns, recognize slight shifts in their preferences, and thus help increase users' satisfaction. The models allow you to gain more in-depth insight into your audience, improve client segmentation, proximity targeting, client churn prevention, customer lifetime value forecasting, etc.


We utilize both deep learning algorithms (such as recurrent neural networks) and conventional ML models (based on logistic regression, gradient boosting trees, etc.) to process output from various bio-sensors and medical devices. We will bring new capabilities to your personalized treatment recommendation systems, introduce an automation element to your disease management and, as a result, enable you to tap into huge savings


ML algorithms grant the power of foresight to financial firms. CFOs and financial analysts, who rely heavily on forecasts to project expected earnings, can benefit greatly from the algorithms’ capability to ingest magnitudes of transaction data and output accurate predictions about future sales. We can help financial companies, already sitting on Big Data, to leverage the technology to evaluate levels of risk and assess accurately the credit-worthiness of their every prospect

Travel and Hospitality

Boosting personalization is highly relevant to the Travel and Hospitality industry too. Predictive analytics technologies can enhance the performance of your traveling agency's recommendation engine drastically, conduct sentiment analysis on clients' reviews and inform your customer service strategy. They also allow businesses, large and small, to better track, predict, and optimize corporate travel programs

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