Enterprise Integration

Streamline Operations, Break Through Functional Silos, and Improve Efficiencies Through Digital Transformation

Striving to undertake digital transformation, corporations seek to modernize core legacy systems, switch to more innovative enterprise software, or make them run alongside while minimizing the friction of such bimodal IT strategy.

At AlignTogether, we build, customize and integrate business applications, including ERP, CRM, SCM and BPM systems. By incorporating latest technologies into processes, we enable firms, regardless of size, to reshape or ditch completely their inflexible workflows and become more nimble, productive, and adaptable.

Your digital transformation with AlignTogether

We strongly oppose generalized approaches. Our partners, operating in various verticals, face unique challenges that can only be addressed via industry-specific tools, without workarounds. With our enterprise application development services we’ll help you increase visibility, streamline business processes, enhance operational activity, modernize core, and push your company into state of permanent agility.

Enterprise software development services

  • Enterprise resource planning

    A highly targeted, scalable ERP system, aligned perfectly with your core business processes, will help you unlock value across such functional areas as inventory control, customer service, business process management, finance and so on. Having a robust central data repository, which ensures data integrity across departments, your organization can better coordinate efforts and, as a result, cut down on bottom-line expenses.

  • Customer relationship management

    We’ll help you automate mundane sales, customer service, marketing, and contact management processes and provide a customizable workspace for your employees to track and manage deals in with CRM integration. The system will consolidate clients’ data and offer rich analytical capabilities needed to draw actionable insights from it. Pick a deployment option you like: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

  • Supply chain management

    Manufacturers, logistics providers, and distributors alike seek to drive efficiency and transparency throughout every link of their supply chains. However, this proves increasingly challenging in the multi-site and multi-national environments they operate in. AlignTogether builds all-encompassing SCM solutions that enable companies to monitor and manage everything from warehouse capacities to suppliers’ performance to their complex distribution networks and competition. We’ll help you attain the scale, agility, and level of innovation required to thrive in modern markets.

  • Business process management

    Business processes at medium-sized and large corporations often grow overwhelmingly complex when data and processes are handed off between departments. Due to the lack of connectivity (and lack of software to support thereof) employees lose sight of where things are and duplicate one another’s efforts, which hinders firms’ efficiency. As a technical partner, we build and maintain robust architecture modeling/optimization software and integration tools for many a firm; we help managers enforce, optimize and monitor formalized workflows which translates into faster time-to-value and stronger business-IT collaboration.

  • Case management

    The BPM software we engineer also addresses every facet of case management. It supports all user roles, from front-line agent to executive, and offers dynamic and highly customizable dashboards to allow employees to retrieve/analyze data and pass cases through to appropriate departments without undue delays.

Enterprise application integration

Interlocking a BPMS with the Rest of Your Software Portfolio: Establish a Complete Data and Process Integration Between Systems.

Not only is it crucial for companies to have a broad range of features available in their Business Process Management Suites (BPMS); they must also be able to plug them in with all the other third-party systems they rely on.

And this is not to be taken lightly. If software integration isn’t established, members of your staff will have to dedicate time to type in data into multiple systems manually, possibly many times over. If the connectivity is there but executed poorly, a technical team within a company will have to sit separately with the managers of every silo and set up/configure synchronizations. The IT department will have to keep bringing cross-departmental applications together, wasting time, so that the processes and tasks within the organization can be shared among staff. And afterward, if something breaks down or modifications are needed, the procedure will have to be repeated.

So how does a company streamline these excessive, unwieldy procedures and reduce associated costs?

Having worked with various types of BPM software, AlignTogether’s team have grown to become experts at establishing seamless connectivity for businesses of different scale.

Software integration services we offer

  • Push and pull capabilities

    For your data to flow seamlessly across the organization there should be a robust underlying connection, a “plumbing” if you will, set up between third-party systems and your BPM software. The staff must be able to draw data from various CMSs, CRMs, etc., into the business process (so that they can act upon it) as well as push the information out back to those tools if needed.

  • Event triggering capability

    The events in one system must be able to set off processes in another system; this is the basis of making business operations overall consistent

  • A system-level integration

    Whatever enterprise-grade tools your company is using (chance are these include Office 365, Salesforce, and Quickbook) we’ll make sure to interconnect BPM software with them

Do not neglect BPMS integration

Our partners are companies of different origins and sizes, and we find that many of them, especially those entrenched in their markets, still rely heavily on cumbersome legacy software. Usually, these systems do not come with integration capabilities of their own, yet they are too detrimental to how a business operates to be replaced painlessly.

Failing to connect long-standing software to new-age tools is a mistake no sensible management team can afford to make. It can render a firm stagnant, unable to respond to the ever-changing market needs, and, ultimately, incapable of keeping pace with the competition. Therefore, the only viable option is having custom integrations created through APIs. And this is usually where companies such as AlignTogether - seasoned software vendors with experience in building integrated environments - come into play.

The benefits of BPMS integration

  • Resource optimization and cost reduction

    BPMS-governed software integration, when constructed properly, allows firms to eliminate daily repetitive tasks such as manual data transfers. This can free up your staff’s clogged up agenda and enable them to focus on resolving more complicated and valuable issues

  • Software scaling instead of hiring new people

    As businesses grow, and the quantity and velocity of their datasets increases, the amount of manpower required to spread data objects across disparate systems manually grows too - exponentially. However, when third-party systems are all synchronized and managed by a BPMS, a firm’s only worry is scaling the software which is much cheaper and easier a task than employing new staff

  • Achievement of some larger BPI goals

    Tying BPMS to other software is critical to Business Process Integration as a whole; robust connectivity helps standardize a firm’s operations, increase time-to-value, and strengthen collaboration between silos

  • Bottleneck elimination

    A BPMS governed infrastructure that brings a firm’s data and services together will help innovations deliver on their potential

We will integrate these tools with your BPMS

Today’s BPMS vendors care deeply about making their systems easy to connect to so they provide, quite often, a decent out-of-the-box integration functionality. However, the pace at which new tools are introduced in application environments of modern enterprises, particularly those striving to remain agile, is impossible to keep up with and no BPMS can support unlimited integration capabilities.

We’re here to fill the gaps your BPMS provider hasn’t. We offer to execute an API-centric data and process integration of your BPMS with the following systems:

  • Project management software (MS Project Server, JIRA, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, etc.)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) system (Taleo, WorkDay, Success Factor, OpenAir, etc.)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, MS Dynamics AX, ZOHO, etc.)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (SalesForce, MS Dynamics CRM, etc.)
  • Accounting system (NetSuite, QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Documents exchange system (Sharepoint, Office 365, DocuSign, etc.)
  • Much, much more

Collaboration is key not just for humans; your software tools have to be interconnected too so that your business processes can be flexible and agile. Let us help you achieve that!

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