Conversational AI

Explore the breakthrough AI technology for enhanced online interaction with your clients.

As far as customer service goes, chatbots have been one of the most transformative and groundbreaking technologies in recent years. When infused with AI capabilities, chatbots can help tremendously in optimizing business-to-client communication, making each interaction more engaging to the customer and productive (and thus profitable) for the company.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) services allow you to leverage the extensive potential of conversational AI and bring personalized, highly responsive and interactive experiences to your clients.

Want to Capitalize on the Power of AI? Discover How Chatbot Development can help you do so.

AI-powered virtual assistants (chatbots) enable companies to reach wider audiences and deliver engaging experiences to existing clients. At AlignTogether, we quickly integrate conversational software into our partners’ websites, mobile applications, and popular instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype, etc.

Our NLP consulting services can help you too to form a complete strategy on how to build and turn AI-driven conversational technology into a profitable tool for your business.

By 2021, over 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development.

Why you need a Custom Chatbot

Conversational AI can be taught to carry out most routine requests that firms with substantial traffic are bombarded with. It frees up human representatives to focus exclusively on complicated tasks. Here's what AlignTogether’s clients use chatbots for:

  • To reduce the number of help desk support agents. Routine requests, which despite being insignificant often require lots of time and human resources, could be handled efficiently by the automatic responses our chatbots generate;
  • To boost DevOps (through ChatOps). Whenever an alert shows up from a DevOps reporting tool about a critical issue, a manual follow-up ensues - most companies' workflows consist of an employee creating a ticket in Jira or GitHub and then escalating the problem so that it's dealt with promptly. There's also a need to keep all the relevant people in sync as to the issue updates, which is, too, a mundane task some employee must take care of. ChatOps allows you to automate the entire procedure;
  • Inventory reporting. Leveraging the powers of the chatbot technology in conjunction with IoT, we can set up a notification system that, for example, warns warehouse workers about the shortage of certain items, lists the out-of-stock components, and informs about the time of new deliveries.

How you can implement Chatbots in your business

They can guide authenticated clients through simple transactions, provide basic info, etc. The bots can thus reduce workload, save money for organizations, and free up customer-service agents for more complex tasks.

In the mortgage market – conversational AI can provide quick mortgage loan estimates, through a built-in calculator, and connect clients with appropriate mortgage advisors. Using the data from the calculator and previous responses, the advisors can get better qualified leads.

Bots can help streamline basic back-office operations. Chatbots can parse messages for employees, provide info from the knowledge base, give authenticated users access to various software systems and handle basic IT requests such as password resets.

Conversational AI use cases:


  • Wealth management
  • Sales lead generation
  • Automated contract reviews
  • Financial statement spreading
  • Billing reconciliation
  • Etc.


  • Medication adherence assistance
  • Appointment/re-appointment scheduling
  • Invoice settling
  • Administrative workflow optimization
  • Diagnostic error prevention
  • Etc.


  • Reservations management
  • Disruption processes handling; complaints prioritization
  • Customized travel itinerary creation
  • Recommendation systems based on local reviews
  • Personalized cross-selling/upselling
  • Etc.

Why hire AlignTogether to develop your chatbots

  • Our dedicated team will take time to research thoroughly your business and how customers interact with it. We have hands-on experience in bot scripting, so we'll quickly identify the keywords your clients use the most often. We'll then ensure that the proper moves are triggered within the decision tree, each time a person reaches out. Digital assistants will help your firm deliver an engaging digital experience;
  • We employ C++, Java, and Python experts who have worked with most advanced libraries used for AI. We’ve also experimented a lot with multiple chatbot frameworks/platforms such as Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Azure Bot service; we will know right away which plugin, permutation API, and framework will suit your business best;
  • We’ll connect the bots to any back-end system your company might already be using. We can add a chat interface to your branded app so that the software can drive contextual dialog tied to a set of custom components.

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